Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gentlemen still exist! *le GASP*

It sucks sometimes... yep.... just like that.

Don't you hate it when you have so much fun one weekend, staying over with friends and then suddenly, when the weekend's over, you're all alone and it's miserable to think that the same place was such a wonderful place to be in just a while ago? Well.... if you do, welcome to the "morning-after-the-party" club! You shall receive your dossier and complimentary bath towels in counter number 2!

I had stayed over at one of my Best friend's place. With no parental supervisions and a house full of early twenty somethings, it is pardonable to assume things could've gotten out of hands. Especially when some of the early twenty somethings are guys! But this is where the assumptions cease to be pardonable, people!

Last weekend, I managed to meet some of the most exceptional guys I've ever known in my life! And to think that people like them even exist in today's society is news to me!

Wherever I've been to, I've met guys who think a girl smiling at them automatically means that the girl wants to marry him and have his numerous progeny without a doubt marring her brain! But thankfully, I've been friends (and still am) with a few countable individuals who're what one would call 'guys any girl would feel safe with in the middle of the night in their tank-tops and shorts!' or 'bodyguards'! :P (I know certain people will understand what this means!)

This post goes out to all those guys who're gentlemen when it matters! And all the others out there who think they're being decent just because they seem like it and nobody can see what's running around in their minds, GET A LIFE! This includes all those asstards who think passing pseudo-witty comments and other sexual innuendos at any mediocre-to-goodlooking girl that passes them by is actually a cool thing to do! I mean... haven't they left their tweens yet?!

I am so proud of the guys I spent the weekend with. And I hope I find someone just like them when I indeed look for love (if and when...) And somehow, it scares me when I see the kind of thought process that goes through my family (my relatives mostly)!

Oh Gentleman in shining armour... whereforth art thou?!

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