Friday, September 4, 2009

True feelings emerge...

It hasn't been a day since they found out the remains of the dead Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and his party people have already started fighting over who would be the next CM. And thanks to his demise, I got a day off today. And I'm already feeling bad for feeling thankful! How can we be so callous when it comes to 'others'? We feel when someone close to us dies. But for some reason, that feeling is absent when some stranger dies.

I don't think we can be blamed for that. I mean, we're human after all! To feel sad for every death would make our existence a dreary one. But I still cannot digest what those politicians in AP are doing. I'm sure YSR's family are feeling disgusted by what they see. And all I can say is that, I feel for them.

I hope YSR is finally in a happy place, away from people who've used him or given him a bad name. Rest in peace, sir. And as for all those other people who're fighting it out for the post of the next Chief Minister, You guys'll die one day too and then we'll see how many people feel sorry, seeing you go!

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