Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The disastrous culinary encounters...

I sincerely dedicate this post to every single person who's living alone. This goes out to every single person who, having learnt the fine art of self sustenance through rigorous and sometimes very hilarious trial and error methods, is now comfortable and smart enough to live on his/her own.

I, recently decided to take the jump and stay at my friend's place for the weekend. Now, she's staying alone and has managed just fine! But, well... unfortunately, the poor thing fell ill when I went there. So, her gastronomical fate ended up in my hands and as if the fact that I happen to find making tea a complicated ritual, now I needed to cook rice and every other dish that I had taken for granted before!

It was definitely a time when I sent silent thanks to my mother and father who have been cooking for the family ever since I could remember! I was to make something edible for the invalid and I had no options as to replace myself with someone who wouldn't burn the house down trying to cook!

I had decided to make Dosa. I mean.... anyone who's eaten them would agree that they're heavenly and having seen my mom prepare it umpteen number of times, I was sure my attempts would actually be a little fruitful! But boy! Was I wrong! For those of you who are about to try out Dosa preparation for the first time, I tell you this - be patient like the Himalayas! You'll need to be. And also be great at multitasking - having extra pairs of arms might help!

By the time I was pouring the batter, the flame was too hot. And by the time I'd reduced the flame, the batter got stuck and by the time I had the flame and the batter in control, I was tired.

And if this wasn't enough, back in class, I, who normally didn't care too much about domestic chores, was actually thinking of what to make for dinner as my professors droned on about Quantum Mechanics and Ceramic Technology!

But thankfully for my invalid (and by now gastronomically critical) friend, her friends from school came over for the weekend as well and so, I found myself an unnecessary addition in the kitchen. But hey! I still did some noodles that everyone thought was edible!

So, I've decided to take up cooking lessons from Mom very seriously! Lest I be stuck alone and I don't even have an invalid friend to help me out!

And I'd like to thank all those nice and enduring souls who put up with my culinary disasters with such bravado! You guys rock!

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