Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ad-sense quandary

The other day, I was merrily sitting in front of my system, posting on my blog when my friend drops by. She took a peep into what I was doing and non chalantly asked me why my blog didn't have any ads in them.

I told her I didn't want to distract my readers with blinkies and other pop-ups and that's why I'd never actually gone for advertisers. She laughed at me, "you're such a fool! You can make tons of money!"

I agree... we can. But do I need to have ads in my blog just for that? And moreover, my blog doesn't cover just one specific field. It's a place where I write what I feel. To let other people put their unsolicited thoughts through it is akin to letting someone walk through my head and muddle with whichever way they please!

If the Blog is for a business concern or if it's like a tutorial site or one where resources are offered, having the relevant ads makes sense. But here, having ads would only lower the personal touch that my writings lend to the blog.

I'm still not sure how many people actually come by regularly to read my blog or if I indeed have any reader-base at all! But hey... I started this blog to please the writer in me. And that person doesn't need an audience to deliver!

So, I know just what to say when the next time, someone asks me if I've placed ads in my blog...

"No. And neither shall I! Not on this one!"