Saturday, October 11, 2008

Arbit updates

Ken has come and Ken has gone! :)

Yeah... it was nice having him here. He's sure a wonderful friend to have around! And since I'd missed his birthday party (Him living in Hyderabad right now is a really good reason for that! And that my parents will freak out if I were to ask them to let me go to Hyderabad for a party is also another equally good reason!), I bought him a wallet. Believe me... he needed that! That.. and the latest edition of Scientific American. (oh and I didn't get to read that... T~T)

And as for the other things that I had to do... eheh... you know me... hardly did anything else! Oh well... I'll finish up with the Engineering Graphics and the 'fan-fiction' today. As for the rest, there's always tomorrow!

Sigh... somehow... I feel so bored with the way my life's going right now... And hearing the kind of fun they have in Hyderabad, I can't help but kick myself in the rear for not having cleared the entrance exams for HCU!

Oh well... what's happened has happened!

Yes... one more thing. Mom's friend's been diagnosed with Oral Cancer. And he's an avid fan of the infamous 'pan supari'. He's not attending any calls as he can't speak and his condition's progressed to the secondary stage. Well... at this rate, he has a 50% chance of surviving. Let's hope he does! And let this be a reminder for everyone who finds pan tasty or addictive!

Enough lectures! I shall leave ye all in peace for now! Sayonara, minna!

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