Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bag woes!

It happens at times.... you have this one bag that you're so fond of and there's no other bag in the whole wide world that could hold all your junk..okay...stuff as efficiently as that 'one' bag does... everybody has The Bag and they're all so darn proud of it!

And what does one do when that said 'one bag' has a broken zip and you can't use it without it gaping open like a hungry alligator, showing the whole wide world how many electives you picked up this semester? No... you don't howl in a corner and rant on about the injustice of the corrupt 'zipper' industry. You send it to an expert who repairs it! And that is exactly what I did. And I thought I could manage for one day... no big deal! But oh boy! Was I wrong or what?!

Since, The Bag wasn't available, I decided to use another one... one that I really liked (but was never a substitute for The Bag). But just as I finished stuffing three record notebooks inside and my wallet to boot, I realized one important aspect of its design - it was not meant to carry huge lunch boxes. And I had a pretty big lunch box. And so, I ad to make do with a plastic cover and let me tell you... carrying flimsy plastic covers in overcrowded public buses is such a nuisance to everyone around! And it's a wonder the thing didn't spill, giving everyone near me a face full of sambar!

And once I was ready to come back home (I'd given away all the bulky record notebooks by then), I was so relieved that the day was done! And every time I saw someone with a backpack on their back, I glanced down at my messenger bag that was stuffed to the brim with my things and sighed... I would soon get my trusty The Bag back and there would be joy!

But Nay! The supposed 'expert' is probably so intrigued (or baffled) by the mechanism of the zipper that he still hasn't fit one into my bag! And well... I've to wait another day to get my dearest - er I mean, trusty bag back!


And dad wants me to take another backpack to college... a particular bright red one. I should say it wouldn't be safe carrying it around campus. I still feel shivery when I think of how I ran the fastest I'd ever run as I tried to out-run two fashion conscious dogs on the streets, a few months ago... the last time I ever took that backpack out! And my campus is teeming with dogs...really huge well fed dogs who can run really well! *Gulp*


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