Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yeh hain AU meri jaan!

To tell you the truth, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I came to know that I would actually be doing my masters from Anna university. And truth be told, I don't see why people travel from all over the country to be part of its "educational experience"! (would help if there was one!)

But as the fates would have it, I was deigned to study and toil for two years in this place that I had hoped would not avail itself to me.

And now, three months into the course... I'm left to wonder. What is it that makes people go Ga-Ga over Anna University anyway?!

And I'm still no closer to obtaining the answers! But now, I'm sure of one thing! Anna University is a brand one can sell really well outside and I was made aware of this particular fact last sunday.

I usually attend free lectures on Physics that's organized every Sunday in Madras University (they share the same campus with Anna University). And since my commuting to the University involves atleast an hour's worth of bus travel, I had gotten myself a bus pass. This piece of thick paper ensures that I don't have to pay for one to and one fro journey between my house and the University. But... this is valid only if I were to have a special Identity card that is given with this thing.

As is the case with almost everything in India, none of the conductors even check if the cards that are waved from the far end of the bus is valid or not. They are ideally asked to tick against the date printed in the card and verify the ID cards. But mostly, the card holders are the ones who tick it off... and well... if I were to see anyone verifying their own ID cards, I'll find it very hard not to laugh out loud!

So was the case on Sunday. One glance at the blue and white tip of my bus pass, the conductor had asked me to tick it myself. And I dutifully did that! But then, I hadn't brought the ID card with me. But since the ticking was done, I figured it wouldn't be a problem.

But my assumptions were to turn awry once I got off at the University bus stop. There were three people dressed in stern khaki uniforms waiting to check all our tickets and bus passes. When I proudly showed the ticked off bus pass, he merely mumbled for the ID card.

I had a million trumpets going off in my head when I realized that I did not have my ID card with me! After about fifteen minutes of haggling with the officers, I had reduced the fine amount from a hefty Rs.500 to Rs.100. But the problem was that I didn't have that much with me.

I guess they thought I was this poor studious girl who didn't even have enough money for a fine. And when they learnt that I was actually a student of Anna University, that sealed their impression of me!

They patiently waited till I got the money from the ATM (I could've ran away... but they had my bus pass with them!) and when I gave it to them, one of them quickly reminded me.

"Nee nalla ponnu ma... athu thaan Anna le padikkiriye! Nallavangalukku thaan kedaikkum. Athuthaan unakku nooru rubaa thaan vaangunom."

(you're a good child dear... you're from Anna University after all! Only the best and the good ones get in here. That's why we're reducing the fine to a hundred bucks.)

Oh gods! If only they saw the state my class was in! If only they saw how dim-witted most of us appear in everyday classes! If only my substitute Math Professor had heard this statement!

Well...In the end, I had saved four hundred rupees and also made an impression on the inspectors! I'm sure there is many a soul wishing to get into Anna University...
I've one piece of advice for them - the course may not be thaat great. But I assure you... you're treated like royalty outside! ;P

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  1. i have gotten away thrice for overspeeding thanks to `layala kaalej´:D