Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holidays are here!

I'm getting the next five days off and I have not an inkling what i'm going to do with them! Most of my friends are leaving for home. But since I stay at home, I can't exactly leave for home...And I could go for a trip to some place with friends. But well... not many are here right now!

And so, I've formed an itenary of certain things that I'll be thinking of doing in these hols!
  1. Work on my Engineering Graphics! I plainly am behind schedule, having missed a day's worth of classes thanks to a badly swollen foot! (that is a looooong story my friends!)

  2. Get a move on in my 'fan-fiction' department! It's been ages since I've actually done anything here. And my poor characters must be feeling so left out and lonely!

  3. Study for Classical Mechanics test that may happen at any time! I know I did my last test quite horrendously! And the reason wasn't because I didn't know anything... well... I have two words for an excuse! INFORMATION OVERDOSE! Oh and work on some complex analysis as well!

  4. Try my hands on some Photoshopping and other such equally artistic endeavors!

  5. Meet up with a very special friend who is dropping in just to see me! *sniffle* it makes me feel so special! *cries* Ooookay... Oh well... was bad at dramatics anyway! And Ken, if you're reading this... I'm oh so glad you're here, buddy! Love ya!

  6. Hmmm.... is there something else I'm missing? Oh well.. this is all I remember for now! I guess...
Oh well... that's it for now! See ya soon!
P.S. Somehow... I'm not that impressed with this post... it misses something!

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