Sunday, October 19, 2008

Observations from a sick-bed

I've been sick... and when I say 'sick', I mean a temperature reading of 104 degree Fahrenheit. And there've been many observations I've made during this tenure of sickness that had me bed ridden for a few days...

  • It's always better to be sick at home where there are people to take care of you. Falling sick and then realizing that there's no one around to help you would thoroughly distress and depress the invalid! (I'd be distressed and depressed!)

  • The more potent the antibodies, the greater the chances that I'd end up throwing up! (I did it once! :D)

  • Never EVER take up Avomin with your regular course of 'killer' antibodies! I could actually visualize the war going on in my stomach's insides! There were the antibodies that were screaming 'Let the Bile flow, me hearties! AR!'

    And there was Avomin... the lone ranger, standing like Superman in his spandex pants and briefs... wedgies hidden underneath a billowing cape proclaiming 'Not so fast, my friends!'

    And where does this leave me? Hmmm... I'll tell you - tossing and turning in bed, cursing such profanity that I'm sure even the Devil was covering his ears in modesty! Sometimes... it's just better to let it go...even if you have to bend over the toilet bowl and sound like Gollum's long lost cousin!

  • Never ever should I worry about Lab reports! At least not when I'm sick! The reason - my lab partner is such a prat, there's nothing I can do about it! So might as well shrug and get used to the scolding to come!

  • Constant coughing only tires your abdominal muscles. It does NOT give you a six pack! (I wish!)

  • Sickness is one of those times when I wish they had taste bud transplants! I've completely lost track of what 'sweet', 'salty', 'sour' and all their intricate combination taste like! All I can bloody taste now is 'BITTER'! And *sob* it's getting worse with time!

  • I can lord over my parents when I'm sick! (It would help if I wasn't so sick and I could still do that! Hehheh....eheheheh... *sigh*)

  • I get drunk over two tablespoons of *cough* cough syrup. ALRIGHT! I can't hold my liquor in! It's not like I actually drink! So *BLEAH*! But I do remember (vaguely) that I made a total ass out of myself, messaging silly poems to a friend! I guess death by antibody overdose isn't that bad an idea now!

    But seriously... I can imagine myself being the pretty young thing in a red sequined dress, sitting in a lonely bar... the bartender walks up to me and asks for my order and I smile mysteriously and reply, "A shot of Corex with a dash of Benadryl... stirred not shaken." Hmmm... Not bad! I might just about start a new trend here!
So there you have it folks! I know this is a little random. But what the heck!

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