Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As time flies by...

The other day, I'd gone down to my grandmother's house and one of the neighbours remarked how I hardly talked to them properly which is a very weird statement to make as I don't live near her place and I do make it a point to say 'hi' every time I see her.

And then she went on about how her son and I, friends since we could remember weren't talking to each other like before. And as for this, I wonder if she goes out of her way to go talk to people who hardly say 'hi'!

Oh well... it made me realize how we start with certain relationships, thinking they'd last a long time only to find that bonds are broken and faces forgotten.

And strangely, I don't blame her or her son for this. We all grow up... acquire different tastes in acquaintances and well... we drift apart. It is an integral part of every person's life... something everyone has to go through whether they like it or not. If that's the way we choose to look at life, I swear we'll be able to handle heart breaks and friendships gone sour better!

It makes me feel so liberated all of a sudden! And this way, I don't have to blame anyone. It's better this way than to go sulk in a corner over friends moving over and lovers dumping you! (but in the case of a romantic relationship, the person initiating the break-up should also act a little considerate!)

Life moves on... time heals... the mind forgets... and soon the heart follows the mind.


  1. Very true... As much as there is fancy about new clothes which then lay in some corner of the almirah...there is the fancy of a blossom in every relationship. The " honeymoon period", which later fades. First good impression might later cause trouble, cos ppl expect us to be the same forever. I have heard knowledge and money to be the most powerful things.. but who can deny that attention is all that a man craves for... ! Awesome post:)

  2. aww, little asha is growing up :P

  3. @Narmada - Thank you! And I'm really honored to know you're reading my blog posts! And quite beautifully put, the clothes in the almirah! =)

    @Sido - yeah yeah...shut up, jaken! :P