Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chennai wins! CSK rocks Gandalf's socks off!

Yes! Yes! And YES! The Chennai Super Kings are going to the finals of the Indian Premier League! CSK kku oru biggle podunga pa! :P

And they beat the Deccan Chargers! A team to whom they'd lost in both encounters in the league matches!And so, Chennai beats Hyderabad.... I'm sure I have nothing against the folks from Hyderabad. But, this felt good! So good! Oh yesh, precioussssss! Chennai beat Hyderabad! All the folks who kept bragging about how Hyderabad was better than Chennai can suck on this! >=)

And so, like it has been fated to happen, Chennai and Hyderabad fight it out. (it holds so much meaning to me... personally! yep... I'm one crazy chicka! :P) And Chennai wins! Yes! Yes!!! Yes!!!!!

P.S. I'd prayed that I'd get my friend to do a tonsure if CSK wins... BWAHAHAHA!!! Thanga, my boy.... get those follicles ready! >=D

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