Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The P and the P

Now that I have reached the middle of the dreaded early twenties, I find myself in quite the predicament! On one side, people seem to tell me that this is the prime time of my life and that I should enjoy all that life brings me. On the other side, some others tell me that it is time I gave marriage and starting a family some serious thought! And in the midst of it all, I am buried under the larges pile up as far as work is concerned! It's during times like these that you start thinking differently.

Like for instance, there's no need to be worried about the diverging paths of marriage and higher studies as far as I am concerned. Why do you ask? Because both are elementarily the same! Don't believe me? Hmmm... let me elucidate!

Whether one is hoping for a PhD or a Purushan (husband in Tamil), one is dealing with the same thing.

  • Both start with a P. (duh! I know! Let's go from the basics, people!)

  • Both of them are worth it only if one gets it the way one wants. Imagine trying for Phd in Particle Physics and being forced to do it in Crystallography! Imagine trying for a Banker husband and getting a creative photographer!

  • Both of them are life long commitments!

  • The quality of the environment where both are based from is just as important.

  • Both of them can give us the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows!

  • One gets the additional P's from the primary P's. Purushan gives Pullai (kids) while PhD gives Postdoc! But it isn't mandatory that one leads to the other!
There you have it... Though there are differences as well, we shalln't dwell in them... for now.

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