Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ah... finally, the days come to a close. I shall be writing my final exams soon and after that, I shall no longer be a masters student from the illustrious Anna University. Strange... I wanted to be rid of that place as soon as possible and now, when I am finally where I thought I wanted to be, I'm not so sure if this is indeed what I want.

I'll miss the people who'd studied with me these past two years. I'll miss the library that has been kind enough to lend me expensive books that otherwise, I could ill afford. The few professors for whom, I have the greatest respect. The people I met... the ones who have influenced me and whom I've influenced. The heartbreaks... The patch-ups... The silent gestures of subtle understanding...The sighs of despondence... The wisdom that was attained. Most of these things, I shall carry on with me as memories... like the sifting of leaves, I shall some wintry day, sift through these thoughts and smile at a joke that holds no merit to anyone but myself.

Farewell day draws near... and I am at loss what to say or do.

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  1. same case here. but ug.there is still hope for pg vettiness in a