Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thanks a LOT, people!

Today, we'd gone out for dinner to McDonald. And though I hate the place, I decided I wouldn't make too much of a fuss as the rest of the family hated my choice of restaurants. And after the meal, we were still left with two spare sodas from the order and we decided to bring it back home. No sooner had I gotten out of the place, soda in hand, I was surrounded by two very scraggly looking kids who literally begged for the soda in my hand. And I must admit I dumbly handed it over to them. It didn't hit me then that this would lead to a heap of problems and hurt emotions later on.

My Mom had noticed the missing soda and asked me about it. When I told her what had happened, I expected her to be a little irritated. But instead, she became enraged to proportions hitherto unreasoned! Add to that my darling grandpa who's always under the impression that I am not smart enough for surviving alone, yelling again, telling me how I could be so stupid as to hand the soda right over! Suddenly, the tirade is diverted to how I didn't appreciate the amount of effort my mom put into making sure I was well provided. Somehow, I never thought I was that inconsiderate. And then, my grandpa went on to say how naive girls were raped by criminals in the same vein.

Seriously... handing out a glass of carbonated cat piss would mean I'd get raped in the future? Seriously?

I know I shouldn't complain much...I never do... It's just that... sometimes, I want to leave all this shit behind and go... just go away and never return. But then again, where would I go? I've been famous for driving friends away with my rants on my life and that has actually helped me keep a better watch on what I say and to whom. But I was hoping at least my family would understand. i guess I was wrong. Keh... and people wonder why I have an imaginary character for a boyfriend!

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