Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Have you ever felt like the mouse aboard a sinking ship, having no say in what is to come your way? Well... right now, I distinctly understand and sympathize with the little rodents! And here are the reasons why.

  • My Project guide has managed to confuse my already muddled up brain by alternating between two different calculation techniques and he can't seem to decide if he wants to give me the Hydrogen Molecule scenario or the Hydrogen Bonding one! And as a result, my project needs to be started from scratch.... again!
  • Some people are really REALLY starting to bug me with their annoying third grade antics and for once, I wish I could just slap them and tell them to get a life.
  • My doctor seems to think I might either have a very low Blood Pressure or very low sugar count or... god help us, BOTH!
  • Though I hate saying this, the Chennai heat is finally getting to me!
  • My PhD entrance results all seem like my current social status - DOA.
  • My cat hates me!
  • Parents are seriously considering marrying me off to some random Nair boy. And if I hear anyone cheering for this, I swear I shall plunge the Narsil up your booty!
  • I slowly seem to be losing what little hold I have over the good things in life!

There you have it folks! So, the next time you hear me muttering to myself when I pass you by, just shrug and walk away... or if you really feel like helping, a nice pat on the back with an occasional 'there! there!' will suffice!


  1. Here is my buttered toast for you :

    Do the project again. You now have a method of doing the wrong one which might help you later...

    dont worry about ppl who act losers. They are born so to make us feel " ah thank god.. atleast em good!! " so they are actualy helping us lead a good normal life.

    DOnt worry bout the cat. it has had a bad cat day too... hmmm.. every dog has its day! metaphor!!

    Bout ur parents seeing this nair guy... dodn worry... parents seeing alliance is like the individual voter id card concept. everytime one layout is finalised, there ll be a issing detail and wanting to e discarded..

    And lo.. here i come.. in just 15 minutes of ur writing.. to give u more than just a pat... a biiiig hug!!! :)

  2. @ Namti - Thank you, Namti! I know I can count on you for sensible wisdom anyday! :D And here's a hug right back at ya! ;D