Saturday, June 12, 2010

Google Chrome.... is driving me MAD!!!!

I wonder how many of the people who read my blog do that on Google Chrome! I'm really for all this open minded software that Google gives out to people.... e-mail... docs... essential software packages... maps... really, I'm all for it. But somehow, I find the affection I had for Chrome slowly slipping away. I was really thrilled when I first started using it. It was neat, had a decent set of add-ons with it and the support it lent to all the sites that were run by Google was really amazing. And for some reason, Facebook (back when I was an avid social networking geek) would load properly only in Chrome.

But things are seeming to get a teensie bit downhill the past few days. I find most of the websites don't load and need to be refreshed or entered a gazillion times before the page loads! The same applies to all websites run by Google.

I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this problem or if it's a sort of network issue. If it is the latter, I hope Google looks into it at the earliest! Until then, I'll be switching over to Firefox (I still shall NOT turn to Internet Explorer, thank you!) till then. And pulling my hair out in frustration every time I wear down my "Enter" button on my keyboard to ruins!

Psssst: And some people just can't take the hint! When someone says they don't want to talk, they DON'T want to talk. Not exactly rocket science, right? Ah well... life sure is peachy at times!

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