Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happiness is a warm puppy!!

I've always been an avid animal lover and I've brought home more number of malnourished strays than I care to count, only to let them go when they're treated and healthy. It always saddned me that I wasn't able to hold onto them, thanks to my Mom and Granny screaming in fright everytime a puppy runs towards them wagging his/her tail.

Well... so far, I'd been the one to go towards the pups. This time, I had one come to me. It was well nigh one in the morning and I was breaking my head over contour integrals and matrix diagonalization when I swear I could hear a shrill bark. It sounded too young for the dog we have right now, another stray to whom we'd become family. I had to wait till morning to find out who the brave little warrior was. And to my surprise, I found myself opening my front doors to a wee little puppy. He must be just a few months old, just having weaned from his mother's milk and utterly lost. Infested with ticks, dirty and very very malnourished - that described the little one perfectly.

Well, half a day later, I should say he looks much better already! He drank an entire glass of milk and a few doggie treats to boot and has some of the natural brightness that hunger and suffering stole from him return! And it seems he considers us his family already! :)

So, give it up for Tsuyoshi - the newest member of our family, folks!

Tsuyoshi () in Japanese means "Strong". And he seems just that! The little one climbed a foot and a half high fence to come towards us once we were properly acquainted enough! And this is from a month old puppy who hadn't eaten in days! Oh, and our other dog, Tsume () seems to regard him with a bit of wariness. But she hasn't attacked him yet and wagged her tail when she sniffed him for the first time. Hopefully, they'll get along. But Tsume-chan is an intelligent canine, so I'm sure my worries are misplaced! :D

Psssst: If you didn't see the Japanese connection coming, I'm guessing you're new to the blog! Yay for 日本国! :D

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