Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happenings of the day

We humans are such a pathetic bunch! Temptation seems to find its way into every single heart one way or the other! I met up with a few friends at the mall today and managed to spend close to 600 bucks at one go! Ai Elbereth! Can I not find some contraption that will bonk me up the head everytime I eye something I can do well without but still crave to possess? Hmmm.... Ah well... I shalln't indulge any more, so there!

And one of my closest friends in getting married soon! She seems so happy and content, it makes me smile! We've been friends since school and she's actually taller than me! Today, we finally managed to coax her into getting her first lipstick! Can you believe it? She's twenty-three and gets her first lipstick now! My parents would write their assets off to God if I was like that! LOL

Ah well... but she finally did manage to get it and I'm sure she shall use it judiciously (read it shall sleep forever and ever more in some forgotten corner of her dresser!).

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