Sunday, June 27, 2010

Puppies are just like kids sometimes!

When they said that having a puppy is akin to having kids, they weren't kidding! Darling little Tsuyoshi is as energetic and endearing as a human tot and just as mischievous! He seems to have a special attachment to my toes and lunges at them for a nibble whenever he gets the chance! And right now, he's teaching me valuable lessons in parenting! Phew, I never ever thought I'd say this... but it's such fun minding after him! ;)

And right now, he's on time out, thanks to having brought in a dead "something"! It looked like fish but the smell seems to suggest something more sinister! The baka was happy biting into it and the moment he spotted Dad and me, he tried taking off with the weird piece of meat. It was hilarious seeing that tiny tyke trying to climb through the grill in the gate and when caught, looked at us with such doleful eyes, as though he seemed to suggest "would this cute face ever do anything wrong?"

But I did manage to resist his charms long enough to tell him off pretty sternly and surprise! surprise! He seems to understand the underlying intent of my words pretty clearly! And the meat was giving him a slight tummy ache. I managed to give him some water and he's feeling much better.... "back to nibbling my toes" better! But fighting those huge puppy dog eyes is beginning to get difficult. But I'll manage! ;)

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