Monday, June 21, 2010

Words of Gratitude

It has been quite the dismal week here. Many of my woes center around a thesis I was trying so hard to finish by the end of last week! And now, after having given it away, I feel so much lighter! It's now time to sit and confront most of the issues I'd swept under the bed! And I'm going to give it my best shot!

What's with the sudden enthusiasm, you ask? Well... that's what some good words of encouragement can do to you. This post is dedicated to that anonymous person who'd written a few well meaning words of courage in the comments to my previous post! Thank you! I might know you... or maybe not. But to know that I've had this sort of an impact on at least one person out there, it gives me hope! I'm going to give my best in all that I do henceforth! :D And if you're reading this, as I hope you are, I'm glad to have known you (if we have spoken before).


  1. Ah, well I don't deserve this...but neways thank you. I hope that the new spirit is not transient. I just want to share this with you "Our different passions and skills are like the Sun and the Moon,in the end we should let one thing shine prominently, while leaving room for the rest only during the spare time (i hope u get what i mean)" I don't know if u r trying to excel in all u love to do(as we always try to), but give only one thing u love the most that extra push and am sure u ll soon be the best in that.

  2. I wonder if I'm good enough to try excelling in anything at all! LOL... But will try! :)