Saturday, June 18, 2011

I need help!

I saw a friend of mine throw an apple at another guy just to have it sliced in midair with a Katana! A Katana!!!! Can you believe it?! *sigh* Ah well...maybe there shall come a day when I will be honoured with a katana...*dreams away*

On a pleasanter note without the tinges of green, I absolutely love dining in Subway! I am aware not many that I know actually like that restaurant but I don't know... I love it there. Especially the one closest to my house. the staff there are really nice and sweet! And they serve the best subs in Chennai.

I don't mind whichever sub it is, I love adding those sauces to the sandwiches! Mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce and vinaigrette! All my Subway sandwiches have an illegal amount of teriyaki sauce... that and Vinaigrette! And Barbecue sauce! Ah... heavenly!
Speaking of which, does anyone here know where one can get Teriyaki sauce in Chennai? I absolutely love Teriyaki sauce!

P.S. Those who say Subway shall be escorted to the Gorilla Cage and shall have to endure countless Tameshigiri! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

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