Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who I am is not exactly who I should be... apparantly!

Forget the adage of ages old that professed the virtue of being true to yourself. Forget the sincere yearning to be accepted for what you are. It is all about showing the world what the world wants to see. Oh, you just saved a dying puppy and gave it a fresh leash at life? Isn't that just commendable? NOT! That means you're going to be dabbling in the mud with flea-ridden mongrels. Did you just smile at someone who happens to be working at your place and offered a kind word or two? Dear me! You haven't the slightest inkling on how the rungs of respectable society are fashioned!

And if you're on the verge of getting married, this applies especially to you! You do not want to be seen in unfavourable light in front of the family of the groom who is looking for the epitome of grace and finesse in their prospective bride!

Ai Elbereth.... what I wouldn't do to just let my hair down and have things be the way they are... I am what I am. I rescue mangy mutts from the road. I don't give a damn how much my "maid" earns and I couldn't care a rat's fart if I were to be seen hugging her or giving her a friendly word or two. And yes, I detest calling her by her name. She is my mother's age and that means she deserves equal respect! Can't handle all this? I suggest you indulge your locomotory organs in an exercise that shall take you the farthest from me! And Adieu to you too!

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