Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Game's way

Date: Two days ago...
The time was well nigh twelve in the afternoon. I was staring at the screen with concentration evident in my strained forehead. There was just about no way that I could've lost that game! My friend sent me a smiley as he probably saw the margin of his win. This was not happening! I was the one who'd taught him the game! It was I who had known of the rules ahead of him! I had been in "Guru" and yet, now I feel a little foolish. How on earth did I lose?! And that too with half the board having his coins! There's just no logic to it! It was time to recoup! It was time I'd come up with a stratergy. And then it hit me... my mistake...

Date: Today...
"I'm looooooooosing...." I could almost hear the tapping on his "O" key.

I smiled as I told him just how even the two of us were at that point. I hoped he wouldn't get what I meant. It was selfish of me... yes. But for once, I was playing like I ought to. And he had the first move. So, no complaints! And then he resigned... I had won. It felt enlightening.

Moral? The game of Go is not all about aggression. If one were to play like a bandit, one would get the random spoil. But to win it, one needs to play like a true shogun. To blindly attack is disastrous! I'm learning... who knows, maybe this might be one of the few things I'm genuinely good at? :)

Care for a game of Go? :)

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