Monday, June 20, 2011

The greener side of the fence on a Mobius world... is greener?

Isn't it weird? You aim for something with all your heart and then suddenly you realize that by some cruel twist of fate, you can never get it. And then as though to add further sleepless nights to your pathetic life, you realize those around you with whom you shared equal footing managed to get it. Everybody is happy and you're happy for them. But sometimes, in the dead of the night, you lie awake wondering if you truly are all that! And in some cynical rite, the entire world around you goads your misogynist ego.

Then, you see them suffer... The thing you aspired for wasn't all that great. You see them lament and spew ash around in despair as they cry out in agony. They wonder why they wanted it in the first place. They wonder if they had committed a mistake taking this up. They look at you and your simple preoccupations and the green scaly beast claws their innards. And as you sit in your little world of uncomplicated pleasures, you wonder if not getting it was that bad.

Like they say, "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence." But in a world whose topology is closest to the Mobius strip, is it really greener? Or more importantly, is it really the other side?

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