Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's all arranged!

After quite a long time, I spoke with one of my best friends. We hadn't heard each other for quite some time and so, there was a lot to discuss... there were those issues regarding her love-life where her boyfriend's parents were not ready yet to accept the fact that their son can now actually choose someone worthy enough to spend the rest of his life with. And then there were her troubles about her future career that echoed with mine. And then there was this discussion on marriage and on how sometimes, we just wished to leave it all behind and be alone.

Many have asked me if I'll miss my parents when I get married and move to my husband's house. The truth? Yes... a little. But not too much. From as much as I can garner insight, I guess they'll miss me more than I would miss them. And the reason? Because I always chose to have an invisible moat between me and the ones around me. It wasn't some decision that spawned out of some traumatic experience. It's just the way I am. I am a bit detached from everything around me. Maybe being the only child... having played alone throughout my childhood, having had interests that were a little weird according to societal standards... they've all played a part in molding me into what I am today.

And now, when the men in shining armors stand before me, some hoping to wed me and some that my parents hope I shall wed, I begin to wonder. What's the point of it all? Some come, drawn by the fact that I am the only daughter. Others, because I have an education that can "probably" yield a good job. And a few others because they think I look pretty. And what of me? Well... it should be evident... I'm detached... Everybody is the same and I am yet to choose anyone. And I shalln't fall head over heels for anyone. Don't you know? It's all arranged!


  1. Hey

    off the beat... i love this new look fo the blog. Where's my toast, madam.. Hmmm.. :)

  2. @Namti-chan: You're alive! :) Your toast is well on its way sweetheart!