Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yessir! Yessir! A refrigirator full!

Happy day! Happy day! I went grocery shopping at Nuts 'n' Spices and managed to get all the sauces that I love in Subway! And sooooooooo, right now, at my place, I have -

  • Mayonnaise! Well... we always have mayo here but still, yay!
  • Barbecue sauce! Yay again!
  • Vinaigrette! This was such a lucky break... I wasn't even looking for salad dressings today but this baby just wanted to come home with me!
  • TERIYAKI SAUCE!!!!!!!! Yes! I have it finally! So there! I'm doing the happy dance here. :)
  • Italian Seasoning! I've been wanting this for the longest time and just recently managed to procure it.
  • Lychee juice! I love Lychee... Absolutely love lychee! If I get enough arable land, I'd plant the entire place with Lychee! I'd sleep in a bed of lychee if I could! That's how much I love lychee!
So, thank you to every single one of you who'd sent positive vibes my way to aid me in the quest for the elusive sauces and salad dressings! And another big thankies to everyone of you who thought of places in Chennai where I'd get these and were about to let me know after their Sunday brunch! :D I still love you guys!

Hmmmm.... now comes the task of finding room in my 冷蔵庫 for all these babies! :D

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