Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On how my test went and how I suddenly feel the urge to throttle somebody!

My JLPT models went pretty well. I managed to score a 85.6% score and apparantly, that's pretty good.But seriously... I am aiming for a score above 95%. This is because, if I cannot manage a strict score above 90% at least in all my JLPT lower levels, I can just forget about taking it further! It is bound to get harder!

Oh people of Japan! How on earth do you guys manage with the grammar and the Kanji?! Then again, I learnt Sanskrit and compared to that, Japanese Grammar is pretty simple. Ah well... A long way to go still! I need to study hard!

And don't you just hate it when people reply to your long mails in a single word?! Seriously... What's the matter with folks?! Seriously, sometimes I wish I could march up to them and shake them by the collar and ask them what the problem is! Ah, more details in later posts! :)

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