Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oooga Booga Booga! Plaga plaga plagaaaaa!

Plagiarism.... it's a funny word, ne? I've just witnessed folks biting and clawing each other in a battle of bloggers where one claimed that the other stole things from her blog while the other just didn't bother replying. Hate posts ensued from both ends as things heated up further and I, like the shameless Homo Sapien that I am, sat by the sidelines and watched them sling mud at each other.

Now, my two cents in this whole affair? Well... after careful analysis of both sites in question, Judge Jud- er I mean Judge Kikyo has reached the conclusion that both of them have stolen their ideas from other places.... All of them are makeup blogs and well... let's just name them blog A, blog R and blog K.

Blog R accuses Blog A of plagiarism but funnily, seems to have stolen most of the ideas from an older Blog K. And well, since Blog K hasn't joined the mud-slinging, no comments can be garnered from that point of view. Aaaaanyway, just as a hindsight, the ones who stole things from another definitely needs to reassess the actual benefits for the act. I mean, does it really really make it all worth the effort? Stealing is not an easy thing to do... I mean, it requires so much effort... so much concentration and atleast a half-filled cerebral cortex! *discretely puts away the stolen toilet paper behind her* And so, ahem.... where were we?

Yes... and the ones who got their stuff stolen have all the justified reasons to huff and puff. But I seriously think it would be better if they take action at the first instance rather than give the sly ones all the rope they need and a few extra yards besides.

So, is anyone stealing things from my blog? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

*random crickets chirp* o_O;;

I shouldn't be too worried about that now... I hardly have anyone reading my rants anyway... *mumble grumble* Riiiiight... nobody ever wants to read what a silly weird cooky girl writes, now do they? *sniffle* yes, yes... it's alright. I'm not hurt by the silence! Not at all! T_T I'm used to all this by now... *bawls openly* that's more pathetic than anything~!

*Sigh* and just to make it perfectly clear, the images of Ali are from his makers site where it is encouraged that we use them. :) And the jab about the "toilet paper" was a joke! I do not steal toilet paper! We live in tough times if a simple joke needs to be explained so as to not be misconstrued! Not that I don't trust you, my darling readers... reader.... *sniffle* Let's not go there... Okie?

Disclaimer: The author had injested two cups of extra sugar coffee before writing this post and so was in an extremely volatile "state". All rants and complains shall be cordially listened to. :D Tee hee! And I know the title is a little dumb. Blame it on the sugar, folks! :P

Oh, and I'm playing the Angry birds app that comes with Chrome! Yayness! And I never knew catapulting birds and destroying piggy hideouts could be this much fun!

Lookie! Ali playes Angry birds too!
Oh, and I guess everybody sees that +1 button thingy at the end of the post. Wouldn't it be nice if you were to press it? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Come on, you know you want to! :P

Peace out, people!

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