Sunday, July 12, 2009

Achoo... Oooh... gooey!

Hello world... I've been waiting for a chance to see your face! uh~whoaa... hello-*coughspluttercough*

Ahem... Hello there people! It's been quite a day today. I'm feeling slightly under the weather (which is normally... as always HOT!) and I just realized that I tend to get head-colds more during hot days than during chilly ones! Right now, I've a clogged up nose that runs (I don't know how it does that... it's clogged up when I try taking deep breaths but the oooeey-gooey still does come out!)

And to top things up, I need to finalize my Seminar topic by tomorrow. And nope... my idea for presenting higher symmetry groups in Physics was turned down because the dodo of a professor doesn't understand the subject! So now, I'm contemplating whether "fracture to the skulls of silly professors and its characterization" would be good enough or if the "diminished viscosity of nose snot" will be better!

Ai Elbereth! I need a break!


  1. he he well said.... n the influenza virus happily residing in my nose is creatin a chaotic situation with a turbulent flow of snot... so i hope 2 take a seminar on something of that sort,..... ;)

  2. @ Soniya: We rock or what?! WOOT! (note to self) medications tend to make one feel tipsy. Heheheheh