Sunday, July 26, 2009

But maaaaa..... I don't wanna get married!

If there are any early twenty-something Indian women out there who are not interested in getting married right away, this post shall interest ye!

And if you're a parent of an early twenty-something Indian woman and you feel it's about time she got off to her husband's house, this post shall sound like a Rant.

I'm twenty two years old. And as with any normal Indian family, my parents are already being riddled with offers from various 'eligible bachelors from good families' who would make good husbands and for some reason, I find the whole idea pretty amusing.

I mean... come now people! I am hardly old enough to live on my own and they think I'm mature enough to start a family?

Which part of I AM NOT READY FOR THIS YET!!!! don't they understand?

For all those parents out there who want to get your girl married off just because you don't want to see all those good alliances pass you by.... Stop being so silly! We want to be respected for some achievement that 'WE' have done. Not because our husband is so and so or does this and that! And as far as society treating us as old maids is concerned, we couldn't care less! To hell with that hypocritical piece of fecal matter that practices whatever it condemns!

I mean come on! How can anyone expect me to get married to this random stranger and spend the rest of my life with him?! I mean... it's not like I can back out of it like in the case of bad friendships! This is a life long deal people. I know not all men are that bad. But for now, I don't want to take the chance. I want to prove myself to the world... I want to find my own prince (If there is one that is) and I want to live my life according to my code of ethics.

I might be wrong.... but then I would be the only one responsible! And there's always some special connection with the decisions one takes by oneself! A sense of independence... a feeling of individuality. I need that feeling to survive! And so, I've decided.

I will get married 'IF AND WHEN' I am ready and that's the end of it.
I am actually glad that my parents haven't given in to the pressure yet. But hey... I decide my future - for better or for worse!

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  1. I vouch for you. of course 20 yrs is not an age to make compromises with someone. Its the age to explore,experiment, to taste failure so as to experience the power of success etc. So you cannot be tied down by somebody.
    I started thinking of marriage when I started feeling lonely and wanted a real company and that was when I was 26. Though marriageable age in Kerala is 28/29 I got married at 27 b'cos I wanted to have the company of a girlfriend (Given the fact that I never had one even though I dreamed of many) before your family wants you to be a father.