Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Industrial Visit! Here I come!

We're finally FINALLY heading out on the much fabled yet hardly experienced IV or Industrial Visit! Sure, it's to some place that's a stone's throw away from my house. But to actually head out there with friends and have an awesome time while we're at it makes it all so much better!

And we're having another department join us as well... the M.Tech-ies! Actually, this is their IV. We're just tagging along so that we don't have to waste out Rs. 500 completely! Oh well... somethings are better than nothing... right?

And not to mention, there are people from the M.Tech department who'd rather jump in front of a burning and accelerating electric train than actually sit in the same bus as us, I'm not exactly sure how funny tomorrow is going to be! But oh well... it can never be dull.

So, I'm off people! I'll try posting pictures if I'm allowed to take snaps! And until then, toodles!

Psssst: I still have to say.... my HOD was born with his brain in his anus!

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