Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy times at the beach!

Today, we went out to the beach with my Uncle and my niece! It was an awesome way to spend my Saturday! Here are some snaps that I managed to take!

My Niece - Varsha

Mom with Varsha. Dad's somewhere in the background, glaring at tiny crabs! =D

Random Photographer being photographed!

Dad, still glaring at the crab!=P

Random people at the beach

A log floated ashore and suddenly, a lot of Nikon toting dudes were almost lying on top of it trying to take its pictures!

Uncle dearest and Varsha

Daddy (finally let go of the crab ne!), Uncle and Varsha

Mom, dad and Varsha

Random kite flying so high.... *dreams away*

"The Log" that traps unwitting photographers to snap a picture of its magnificent self! Who was I to resist?! ;D

Magnificent Horses that won't take you places!

Samosa Channa! YUM YUM!

Kintama! ROFL

Chili Mala!


The sunset in Marina

Daddy contemplating how to get the car out from behind fifty rows of parked vehicles!

All in all... it was a wonderful trip!

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