Saturday, July 11, 2009 silly fool...

Dearest Dide,

How is it possible for you and your minions to so easily make friends and then discard them away when you've done using them up? How effortlessly you show how 'low' you are when you cut off all ties when someone you know gets something better in life? How can you accuse others of misunderstanding every bloody thing you do when you don't ever leave that silly pedestal of yours and look down upon everybody around you? How can you go about thinking of yourself to be a Tennyo in disguise when deep down inside I see the true Oni that you are?

How can you be so.... you?

Just so you know... He was a really nice person and you've lost out on his friendship by being the 'person' you are. And I shalln't repeat the same mistakes you've been foolish and selfish enough to commit. He has been a good friend and like a brother to me. I've had enough people being snatched away from me thanks to you and your ploys. I refuse to lose anymore!

Your friend who still can't believe you're being such a prat,

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