Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And so it starts.... again.

Ah.... my university has finally reopened for my final year! And though I was a little nervous about getting back to the course, things aren't thaaaat bad. And I will have people know that my idea of 'not thaaaat bad' is actually 'thaaaat bad'!!

If any of those reading this are searching for the long lost cousin of the Grinch, I'll be more than happy to point out his current location. He now dwells in my Department in the University, masquerading as my HOD (Head Of the Department).

Since my classes start at eight thirty and since my university was a good one and a half hour away from my house, I had to get up pretty early! But the bus drivers and ticket issuers (also called conductors here) aren't that bothered about the fact that I could get killed by the Grinc-I mean, my HOD. And so, I ended up a good half an hour behind schedule. But I seriously think I got up the right side of my bed today (And I don't remember which side that is! T__T) because the classes apparently start only at ten thirty on the first day. But not even five minutes had passed when the said HOD stomped into our room.

He then took all of us who were there on a tour around the department. He wanted to show off whatever squandering he'd done with the funds those gullible suckers from the DST-FIST Program so easily handed over. And this includes a state of the art seminar hall that stinks like crazy of some chemical that we don't know the name of, of a dozen apparatuses that nobody in the department know how to work and new projection screens for the classrooms that will probably never see the light of day (or night... or whatever!).

And later on, he managed to give us the heebie jeebies by proclaiming how he was going to skin us alive if we ever dared disobey his orders. Yep... and we're all twenty-somethings who'll most probably be getting into research or teaching after this course is over. Now that's what I call good 'ol professionalism people! ;D

Anyway... it seems like we need to complete a mini-project of sorts this semester and I'm paired with two people who'd rather jump into the raging seas than work with me (and that feeling is entirely mutual!) This is what the wise ones of ancient times called Being caught in between the Devil and the Sea! Something tells me this semester is going to be extremely hilarious!

And now that I remember, I must be at my class by eight tomorrow. This sucketh... like the biggest suckery the world has ever witnessed!

Ai Elbereth! God help us all!

Pssssst... I almost forgot! I found news about a new Manga series called Yotsuba to! It seems like quite the interesting read. And there's one character who got my attention. Please put your hands together for dearest Danbo!

Image by craigmdennis

Isn't he just adorable? I'm sure if you Google for Danbo, you'll get a lot of such cute images! Be sure to enjoy them all! =D

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