Friday, July 3, 2009

Anatha Thandavam - a movie that made me go.... eeeeeeeh?!

Where do I begin? Hmmm... just so it is understandable as to why I am reviewing this movie, I'll let you guys in on one thing. I'm moved by two things in life. Something that's really mind-blowingly good and something that's utterly sad. This movie falls under the second category. Now before people think this is some tear-jerker of sorts, I'll have them know that this movie moved me - away from ever watching it... or even thinking about watching it.... ever again!

The story is an adaptation on the late Tamil writer Sujatha's story "Pirivom Santhippom" (It means, we'll separate; we'll meet again...or something along those lines). And I don't know how the book was. But if it was anything as corny as the movie, I shall be surprised. Because, Sujatha is supposed to be a really prolific writer (I haven't read his books... It takes me an hour to make it to the second page!) or so my mother says!

The story begins with an Anna University Mechanical Engineer (he's my University's alumini?! Gee... I hope there aren't many like him out there!). Even after completing his course, he finds it very hard to secure himself a job. And even though that is kinda surprising,(Anna University students almost always find some job or the other!) after watching his character for fifteen minutes, I can see why! And he returns to his hometown near Ambasamudhram to his doting and understanding father (one of the very few people in the whole movie with something between his ears!). There, he meets Madhumitha, the daughter of the Chief Engineering Officer. She is this really naive and sweet girl whose pranks "supposedly" show her mischievous side (though plainly, five minutes into the whole 'prank' thing, I wanted to smack her up the head and wonder if she even has something that resembles a brain somewhere in her body).

And Raghu sees Madhumitha and she beholds him... blah blah blah... they fall in love. Having known each other for a fortnight, they get engaged. And when any normal person would hear alarm bells going off in their heads, our hero floats about in Cloud number nine! And when his father asks him about it, he accuses his pops of being paranoid and silly. (Kids these days!) But things go awry when Raghu takes up a job that Madhumitha's pops sets up for him (he leaves, completely forgetting his father - the man who raised him and fed him and clothed him... Seriously, falling in love doesn't make people this selfish and 'jerk'y!)

Enter Radhakrishnan. He is some bigass executive working in Macintosh with an artificial bald-spot that looks downright tacky! And Madhumitha in her childish way chooses to marry him instead. When Raghu hears of this, he is heartbroken! (Le gasp! You don't say!) He tries to kill himself but survives and decides to carry on with his life after his daddy-dearest gives him some pearls of wisdom about how chicks dig dudes with the right bling... blah blah... you know...

He gets admitted into New York University and on reaching there, is kinda shaken up by the American society today. (or atleast what the director thinks of it - shootouts, Korean guys killing their girlfriends who cheat on them, coloured people robbing unsuspecting Indians...yep! That is all the ever happens there folks! Oh.. And pole dancing! Am I even making sense here? >__<) There, he meets sensible and well rooted Rathna, a girl who values her independence and her culture equally and has managed to strike a balance between the two. One almost begins to accept that perhaps Raghu has finally put his silly visage and probably lives on like a normal person with a cerebral cortex when Madhumitha makes a comeback in his life and he realizes he likes her even after all the shit he’s been through thanks to her! (Awww…. Sweet…. NOT!)

And so, they meet up more often and soon, Raghu realizes Mr. ‘Baldy a.k.a. Baddy’ is actually sending her off to meet him so he can frolic around with sweet young things. And in the meantime, he is drawn to Rathna and they’re about to get engaged when Madhumitha comes to know of her hubby’s bad side and suffers abuse because of it. She runs to Raghu and asks him to run away with her. And all of this happens on the day he is supposed to get engaged to Rathna in Pittsburg. And so, there’s this huge hullabaloo and Raghu is ‘forced’ to leave Madhumitha. (seriously… forced you say? Oy Vey! And hasn’t that female heard of helplines for abuse victims? Wait… if she was that smart, she wouldn’t be married to the jerk in the first place now, would she!) Madhumitha cuts her hand and gets herself run over by a trailer in Malaysia! (Yep! You heard me right! I don’t think road signs are in Malay in Pittsburg…. Do you? Uh huh! I can be observant too, ya know! B-D)

And well… everybody except the hubby repents and blah…blah…blah… a really boring climax and an abrupt end. There you go people! I’ve reviewed the movie. And if anyone’s wondering why I subjected myself to this misery, paying money for the theatre people and all, I didn’t. This is from what I saw of the movie from TV. And I might see it again. I love making fun of these stupid, brainless characters you see! Yep… this girl’s an M and an S at the same time! =P

Psssst... don't let this review make you shy of seeing this movie! What's life without a little bad entertainment?! And I personally think Rukmini Vijayakumar who plays Rathna is kinda cute. Oh... and I'm going through PMS. But that does not affect this review in any way! =D

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