Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucky Star... My latest craze!

WARNING: A lot of Anime lingo ahead! Proceed with caution!

Aaaaaah... My first Model Exam for JLPT N5 is over and I did worse than I hoped for. And that means I need to put in more effort!

As for the sudden involvement in doing better at studies? Well, this is what a clean table and bookshelf can do to you!

Now, all my books are arranged neatly and can be accessed when I want to. It was quite something trying to find a particular book from the mess that was my table before! :) And I'm also watching Lucky Star. It's a slice of life anime series about an Otaku girl named Konata Izumi. I believe I've positively fallen in love with all the characters in it. Especially Tsukasa!
Tsukasa... kawaii Tsukasa!!!
I don't know... something about her seems so pure and well... adorable! I feel like hugging her whenever she's bullied and smiling when she does something clumsy. Ah, how I wish I had a sweet and lovable sister like her! I'd protect her from all the baddies of the world and be so happy when she smiles! (Kagami-san, I am beginning to understand you a lot better now!)
And the other characters are just as sweet! From the gaming geek "Kuroi-sensei" who secretly is worried about her single status to the Manga freak "Otou-san" of Konata! I absolutely love all of them! :) This is quite a change from the usual type of Anime and Manga that I read. Most of them have a lot of fighting or are equally random - like Gintama! But this anime, sure, it's random like Gintama but somehow it's not as risqué as Gintama is!

Well, I shall be writing a detailed review on the anime after I've completed watching it! So, wait a while longer for that folks! :)

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