Saturday, April 9, 2011

And now for something new!

Phew! I've been working on overdrive with the posts today, ne? Ah well, I cannot help it if I have so much to tell! :) And furthermore, I'm sure most of it must've been interesting at the very least... and a few extremely cryptic.

Anyway, I had been working on a blog header. Somehow, I find the name and the theme in contrast with each other. And strangely, it's eerily attractive... Like a tornado masquerading as a zephyr... I have honestly not the least idea what's come over me except for the realization that I'm being extremely verbose today!

I hope you guys like the Blog header. And if any of you peeps out there would like me to make one for you, do let me know. :) It's extremely fun. I've already started working on the revamp of a friend's blog. But I sincerely doubt if she is still interested! Funnily, I've always tried to emulate the templates I've seen, even the free ones, rather than use them as they are. Somehow, having someone else's work in my blog (the coding), doesn't sit well with me. And moreover, when I make it, it's one of a kind ne? ;)

Ah well, enough blathering for one day. This is au revoir for now.

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