Saturday, April 16, 2011

Of cricket... fame... and other things besides.

The IPL fever has the country in its grasp and doesn't seem to be letting go anytime soon. And though I'm not the greatest cricket fan out there, I'm sure I am as acceptable as a normal twenty three year old can be. (the normalization of that demographic puts me in the waning side of the curve actually but well within it.)

And it just occurred to me. This format of the game makes heroes out of ordinary people and I'm wondering... why is it that we as a country are so drawn to this sport? I can feel a few growls as I raise this question and I should clarify. I understand the fervor that grips people of different cities as they see their team play it out against another team. A sense of universal brotherhood is prevalent as we see players who would be rivals in any other tournament enjoy a sense of camaraderie that is hard to come by in the other games. But still... it is a little overwhelming seeing people soar into the skies when they perform well and then plummet to the ground after a bad patch. The fans are sometimes (more often than not) cruel. And I feel sorry for the players.

This brings me to the next topic that's buzzing around in my head. Fame. There are very few who're immune to its effect. And those few are never known. How easily do we fall for the spotlight? How easily do we forget the hard path that we traversed to get to where we stand? And along with the path, the people who helped us in the dire times of the past also seem to slink into the darkness as the ones who now stand around us dazzle us with their radiance and the glitz of success blind us.

I've known a few of my friends who've fallen for the entrapments of success and I mourn for them. If it means that one would change into what a few of them are now, I don't think I need another degree behind my name. I'm happy being the oblivious person that I am, capable of bringing cheer to the very few who look up to me. And sometimes I wish the cricketers that I see being coronated to the status of gods would cease to be so swayed by the euphoria.

How else would one explain leaving a wife and family who'd been there with them through the tough times when someone younger and "prettier" and more comfortable in the "arc-lights" turns up? I don't say I hate them... hate is too strong an emotion that ought not to be used at all. But I am sure the ones you left behind... they would be crushed. And all those misdeeds need to be annulled somehow. So, beware!

Having said that, I must also say that there are a few who're extremely humble and level headed even in the midst of all this chaotic pandemonium. Hats off to ye and do rub thy wisdom on the lesser fortunate ones around you. :) 

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