Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pencil talk!

I wonder how many of you put there share the enthusiasm I have of using a pencil even when there's a pen available. Recently, thanks to the Japanese script class, I was able to wield the humble pencil once again. Using a pen would not have been feasible what with all the erasing and the correcting of strokes that one has to do with the Japanese script. And it just struck me as poetry.... the way the words flowed out of the graphite onto the paper... how permanent yet how transient! And with this new found inspiration, I decided to go pencil shopping! (I believe I'll be using a dozen pencils a day by the time my classes are over and I am not complaining! :D)

I got some mighty awesome Staedtler pencils of the Norica 132 and the Yellow Pencil 134 variety (both of the eraser tipped - an added bonus for me!). And I'm in heaven right now! If only I could bring myself to use them completely without stroking them like Golem with the One Ring!

So, is there any piece of stationery that you crave for?

P.S. I need to memorize all the kana by tomorrow! Yikes! About time I took my mighty pencil and waged the battle once more! :)

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