Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Erhu.... my newfound love!

I've always had a special regard for those who could play a musical instrument... a person with the magical abilities to take some object that's mute and transform lives with it!
Speaking of music, how often is it that you listen to a piece of musical composition and you tend to lose yourself in it? I had the good fortune of having such an experience recently. And for all those out there who're expecting something Japanese, not this time! :)

The instrument under discussion is the Erhu().One of the Huquin instruments, it's the second highest in pitch after the Gaohu. I've heard them both but my heart leans more towards the Erhu for some reason. :)

Many of us non-Chinese have always associated China and its culture to the music of the Erhu almost unconsciously. And now, I can see why. The Erhu, though introduced to China from the non-Han demography has so gradually become the identity of the civilization. This and the Pipa, a lute that's just as synonymous with China and her people as the Erhu is.

I'm sure many of you would find more eloquent descriptions for the instruments that I have mentioned above. And it is not my intention to argue with that. All I can do now is give you a glimpse of what I saw... the music that brought forth torrents of emotions and a feeling that someone has so aptly captured whatever it was the you felt in the deepest corners of your hearts!

I'm really thinking of taking up learning a musical instrument. It's either going to be the Shamisen or the Erhu. :3

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