Friday, April 29, 2011

Concerning the good and the bad of the day,

Today was a day of severe ups and downs!

On the Downside,
  • I realized I'd put on weight.... eight kilos of it! None of my jeans fit me!
  • I had to walk after class to my cousin's place, which is quite far away from my Japanese class with the heaviest bag in the world!
  • I couldn't find any good phone charms and I'm really wanting one! Why can't people here be like the Japanese and appreciate kawaii for what it's worth?!
  • The one phonecharm that I loved was absurdly expensive!
Now for the Upside,
  • I got some smiley badges for my bag! They're not exceptionally kawaii but they'll do!
  • I think I might become reasonably good at Kanji!
  • I'm going to have Japanese etiquette classes soon! This alone makes me smile!
  • I going to start an exercise regime tomorrow!
So, all in all it was quite a balanced day.... Except when I glance at the weighing machine.... I never thought that I'd be worried about my weight! Oy Vey!


  1. What the hell ? You ve put on weight ???? Oh my god!!! The world is really showing weird signs huh

  2. wishing to c u...
    post a pic or mail me...

  3. @Namti - Yep! 8 kilos of it! Now I;m on a fat burning spree! Oh, and designing some stuff for you! :D I'll mail them soon... fingers crossed!

    @Mistletoe - We should meet up soon, ne? :) We will!