Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letting go

Is it so wrong to let go? I don't understand. People seem to automatically take me for someone who doesn't have determination just because I decide to let go of something. I understand... I've had dreams that were cherished for as long as I could remember. And it hurts when you realize that things aren't exactly the way you imagine them to be. And as a matter of fact, you feel like the whole world is moving ahead at a frightening pace while you're left behind without a soul around to ask you what happened or to console you for the shattered dreams.

And then, you let go. Suddenly the whole world turns around and sneers at you... fingers point and tongues wag as you're painted as that person who just couldn't give it all... the lazy one who didn't actually want it to begin with.

What gives anybody the rights to know the exact situation? Why shouldn't I be wrong in thinking I can do something and then realize in gleaned wisdom that I can't? Why should I be thought fickle if I decide to change tracks all of a sudden? Do these people even realize how hard it was for me to let go? The last thing I want is for people to tell me how much time I'd wasted chasing silly dreams. Atleast I have the courage to chase them and the wisdom to understand when I don't get what I want. If all that I am to the outside is what my realized dreams are, I'm sure there are many out there who're even greater failures than I am... all those who just didn't take the flight for fear of falling down.
It is only when you let go that life can go on newer journeys.

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