Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've officially started learning Kanji!

We finally started Kanji yesterday in my JLPT class and I should say, it's really interesting! I'm sure things will get a little bit more complicated with Kanji than with just Hiragana or Katakana. But somehow, knowing that each of the Kanji has a story behind it's present usage and also the fact that writing them is so soothing... and not to mention fun is making the lessons all the more interesting.

And I've also come to understand that Japanese as a language appears tough only because the person learning it does not take an effort to understand. Japanese is such a language that the mere process of learning it actually gives us an idea of the culture and the thought process of the Japanese people! And it just strikes me.... I've had a few principles that were thought to be really old fashioned but are actually the norm in Japan! LOL... hence proved - I'm a Japanese person stuck in an Indian body!

Jokes apart, if there is anyone out there who's thinking of giving Japanese a try for the heck of it, go for it! But remember, you need to put in some sort of an effort if you wish to excel in it. And it will be extremely difficult if you didn't. And when that happens, you ought to blame only yourself.

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