Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've a headcold! And the case of the ouchies!

Alrighty.... I have the worst head cold in the world! And to top that, my entire body seems to be buzzing and the winner fact? I am actually laughing! That's an indication of how much pain I'm going through! ROFL! A lot... I believe the common cold is one of the most irritating illnesses in the world! It's only when you have a cold that your nose blocks up constricting breathing but the snot still flows out with almost negligible viscosity! Argh.... Physics... you're not taking care of things in the universe as we hope you are!

And Mom and Dad seem irritated when I tell them my body hurts. Well, excuse me if I feel like being torn apart by the clones of Entei! One would think they'd be happy I'm not crying and being a baby! Goes out to show how much tolerance people can have for others' suffering... even family! It's a sad and despicable world we live in.

Alrighty! Since my arms feel like lead and I've taken some medication that requires me to sleep off, I'm cutting this post short here. Weird, how I get the headcold more frequently in Summer than in Winter!

Ah... Do send me some vegetable broth if you can, folks! :) (I have no shame and shall ask for what I want! :D)

P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Twitter is banal? I mean.... seriously! You just wait till I get better! I'm going to write an elaborate post on why I think so! And yes... I had a twitter account. And I'm wondering if I was drunk when I created it!

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