Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And so..... it begins!

Hello there, fellow inhabitants of the world!

I've some glorious tidings to share (well... kinda depressing actually! But I'm supposed to be putting up the happy face here!).

My folks have finally decided that enough is enough! They're looking out for suitable victims (er...I mean bachelors) who'll be brave enough to put up with their weirdo out-of-this-world-loony daughter... Cest Moi!

So, let's see... they hope someone would actually give a damn about a girl who's no job, has a degree in a subject not many people know about and who sings random songs in weird languages that need an imported lexicon to understand! LOL.... This is going to be veeeeeeeery interesting! Bring in some extra popcorn folks! This is going to take a while!


  1. If you'd like me to I will pray that you are matched with just the right husband for you: a kind man, with a good sense of humor, who will appreciate you just as you are and grow to love you more and more the longer he knows you. Anything else?

  2. @Faces: Duh-aaaaaawwwwwwww! :D Thank you!