Thursday, May 12, 2011

Humour of the Human thought

In a time when everyone wants to get ahead of everyone else, I came across an incident that made me stop right at my tracks and sit down and introspect!
  • The XII grade results are out and everybody is out asking the marks of anybody who's given that exam. Now, I am sure that's natural. But unless the person is comfortable divulging their marks, one shouldn't pester them for it. And if they don't tell it, it is really silly to assume that they probably failed!

  • The reservation issue is something everybody's talking about. But it just occurs to me how important and deep set this entire practice is! My neighbour is apparently a forward caste person in her state of birth but here, she happens to be backward. And strangely, her caste people are asking to government to recede their status to "Most Backward" in this state. Weird... I guess mine is the only country where people actually take pride in being called backward!

  • Everybody has an idea of what their kids want to be. Some are sure they know best and little do they understand the trouble they're landing their kids into.
Ah well... just tidbits of thoughts that floated above my head... we live in a funny world!

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