Friday, May 13, 2011

Aaargh! I need to rant!

The title is sort of self-explanatory!

It is kinda disgusting at times how some celebrities behave with the people around them... just because they're famous! I mean, sure... you're a celebrity... there are some out there who are really interested in what you do with your life. And people actually seem interested in when you eat or sleep or fart! (something that I fail to comprehend!) But that does not render you immortal or into something that is to be worshiped on a pedestal.

Dear demented celebrity,

Get off your high throne! You're not as great as you think. You're the same decaying pile of carbon as every other person.

An irate 'normal' person.

In other news,

 I absolutely hate it when my father comes up to me talks to me about responsibility! He's the one to talk! And if you want me to be more receptive, dear people who begot me into this pathetic dying world, please refrain from connecting every aspect of mine to marriage and how that will affect my future with someone none of us know! It's plain irritating and I'm on a very short fuse right now! :)

Seriously! The way things are going... it's almost they can't wait to be rid of me! X(

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