Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The mellifluous and lilting voice... she beckons... of hope that still flickers... of a future that is still not as desolate as I'm led to believe. And for a moment, I'm at peace as I float away like a dandelion's petal in the summer breeze.

And then, as the final notes of her music die, I am back in the void I had found myself to be in before she came along. And I struggle to grapple the reins of reality. I'm back from the land of the flying gulls and cliffs half clad in misty clouds. And I yearn to go back to where I was. Back to the birds in the sky as they fly into the sunset... for a while, everything is bathed in the dying sun's glow and all is beautiful in the world.

And I listen to her voice again... and all is well... for a while atleast!


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