Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kanji.... kanji.... So many of 'em!

Remember when I told you guys that Kanji was really easy? Well, I spoke too soon. I wouldn't say it is gargantuan in difficulty but if one doesn't really put their heart and effort into it, one will find it very difficult to actually make head or tails of what is going on. All is fine actually... except for the Onyomi and the Kunyomi! Why would one need two different words for the same Kanji? It's quite the daunting task when one has to decipher which one to use.
My expression precisely when I can't make head or tails of what I'm doing!
But, that being said, the complexity of the Kanji renders an innate beauty to the language... Now I know why the Japanese Haiku are phenomenally better than what we "English-speaking" folks try to emulate in a language that is so lacking in finesse as Japanese.

And to know that I am on my way to understand what a Japanese person understands when he sees a waka or a haiku verse... that which is lost in translation... it gives me all the energy I need to get on with my Kanji practice! 

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