Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hmmmmmm moments

Aaaaah... I've finally reached the end of my JLPT N5 class at the institute and as I wait for three more tests to happen before I can get my certificate, I can't help but look back at the times when I first walked into class. The people who welcomed me there and the image I have of all of them...

I did mention Shimizu-sensei in a previous post and our final class was one where she encouraged us to speak in Japanese to another sensei who'd dropped in just the day before. We were all so apprehensive about speaking with someone who we'd only met... and who was Japanese. Sure, Shimizu-sensei's japanese as well... but somehow, you can't feel anxious or scared with her around. She's that awesome! :D Anyway, the new sensei happened to be just as forthcoming as Shimizu-sensei and she got along like a house on fire with Humaira-chan! They seem to share their taste for Techno J-Pop and Shoujo Manga! LOL... I wonder what she'd think when she gets to know my interest in Bleach and Naruto and not to mention Gintama?!

As for my classmates, I'm really happy to have them around!

Humaira-chan is a picture of how I was some five years ago! Into Japanese anime and J-pop... unaware that Japan is bigger than just that... crazy about Japanese guys who look like girls... finding it very hard to pronounce Japanese words... Ah... those were good times! I'm sure that if she were to work just as hard and put in more heart into it, she can floor any person with her Japanese!

Swarna-san is another classmate of mine and she's the one with whom I discuss lessons with. These discussions are more like "私は全然勉強しない!" (Translated: Er.... I don't study at all!) And it gives me a totally different perspective when she tells me about her day... how she has so many things to do and jobs to juggle and yet manages to have a smile on her face all the time! I wish I be like her when I end up with a demanding family of my own!

Hmmm... Partings are so difficult but we carry memories with us wherever we go... and that makes life all the more beautiful... I hope I never get to lose contact with these people who're genuinely nice and kind! 

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